Epsom and Ewell Group

2008 Isle Of Man

Leslie sent this report of the holiday:

"The holiday was very good and the weather better than expected for the Isle of Man in June. Sadly five people had to cry off because of illness, so 14 brave souls made the journey via Gatwick. Susan Causey had chosen some lovely walks - the coastal paths were especially good.

The Hotel in Port Erin, although comfortable, was not too good (so we ate out every evening) the Hotel in Douglas was much better and everyone was pleased (there we ate in every evening). Tony and I had a bit of trouble keeping twelve ladies from straying, especially into shops or stopping to look at a particularly interesting bird or flower so we were always counting heads!!

Members Rose Fowler and Wendy Gardner, were born in the Isle of Man, and were a great help in suggesting places to visit and things to do. With our seven-day travelcards we jumped on buses, steam railways, electric trams, horse drawn trams and managed to get our baggage transferred from Port Erin to the hotel in Douglas by special taxi whilst we travelled part of the way by steam train and walked the rest of the way along the coast, then turning a hill to find Douglas Bay set out before us.

It was a relief to see the bags had safely arrived at the Glen Mona Guest House but then, the Isle of Man is very nice and old-fashioned, where several times people came up to us and asked if they could help (on our first day one lady kindly walked with us from the bus stop to the hotel in Port Erin). Also it was very noticeable that young people got up to give "us oldies" their seat on buses. We had a lot of laughs and leg-pulling and two of the ladies, who had not been on a holiday with us before, said it was the best holiday they had ever been on (must have a memory loss!!)"

Sunday, April 22, 2018